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Meet the Owners of A Natural Pet Pantry A   Natural   Pet   Pantry   is   Osprey-Nokomis’   only   locally   owned   and   operated   all-natural   pet   supply store,   committed   to   enriching   the   lives   of   cats   and   dogs   in   our   area.   A   Natural   Pet   Pantry   was originally   established   in   2008   as   Amy’s   Natural   Pet   Pantry.   Lisa   Hoffman    and   Michelle   McConnell   purchased   the   store   in   2011.   A   new   space   is   being   built   in   2014   literally   two   doors   down   from   the original   space   and   with   it   comes   the   new   name,   but   still   the   same   ownership   with   the   same   great products   and   customer   service.   In   fact,   the   new   store   will   allow   twice   the   space   for   a   larger   variety of    products    and    services.            Lisa    and    Michelle    have    promoted    a philosophy   and   passion   for   healthy   pets   that   has   given   A   Natural   Pet Pantry   its   reputation   for   providing   exceptional   products   and   customer service.    Casey    joined    our    team    in    2012    and    Travis    in    2013    (both customers turned employees).  Everyone   at   the   Pet   Pantry   shares   the   same   beliefs   when   it   comes   to companion    animal    nutrition.    To    us,    natural    means    respecting    the biological   needs   of   our   animals   by   ensuring   that   they   get   adequate nutrition    from    high    quality    sources    as    well    as    supplementation    to ensure   optimal   health   and   vitality.   We   strongly   feel   that   our   animal companions   benefit   from   natural   living   and   specialize   in   natural   and organic   cat   and   dog   food   including   raw   and   dehydrated   diets.   It   is   our   mission   to   help   people   take their    companions'    health    to    the    next    level    by    providing    a    variety    of        amazing    foods,    herbal supplements   and   holistic   remedies.   We   also   stock   US   made   and   eco-friendly   toys,   beds,   leashes, collars   and   harnesses.   Additionally,   by   selecting   eco-conscious   products,   we   minimize   our   carbon pawprint around the world. We desire to help your pets THRIVE – not just survive!   The Pet Pantry Family One    thing    you’ll    notice    when    you    step through   the   door   at   A   Natural   Pet   Pantry   are the   three   friendly   dogs   commonly   referred   to as   “The   House   Dogs.”   Fin,   Gypsy   and   Harry are   all   rescue   dogs   adopted   by   Michelle   and Lisa.    These    lovable    little    ones    are    always excited    to    meet    new    faces    and    provide plenty    of    opportunities    for    pats    and    pets. Bring   your   4-legged   friend   along   with   you   and meet the family!
Lisa Hoffman
Lisa Hoffman & “The Littles
Gypsy Fin Harry
Formerly knows as Amy’s Natural Pet Pantry